Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Angelic Realms

“Angels” remain prevalent, coming into this new year.  In Fiji last year I received a hand made Angel made out of the coconut palm tree from a member of the family that has been "Angelic" with our World Team project. I’m in the air again as I write this in flight from Los Angeles, writing I look out above the wing. I contemplate blessings; from the experience at the "Angel Store Things From Heaven" in Ventura (where miracles are common), I acquired a wooden Angel hand made by artist Bill Jeralds, to the formation of the cerebrum in the ominous clouds. 

Angelic presence is up-literally. Blessed are the days I awake with the ocean and get to fly in the sky.  I laughed when I saw this daily reading. There are some people in my life, whose miraculous presence, offerings and actions have been nothing short of angelically heroic.  People are showing up more in more in my reality as Angels, and with Divine acts that are amazing.

I’ve tried to leave Los Angeles for New York for several weeks, we had to change my flight more than a handful of times.   I’m about to leave for the airport when I get this e-mail from a reality television series looking for roller-skaters for reality TV Series “The Angels”;

in Venice to film a hugely popular French reality show "The Angels" on Thursday, Feb. 16. The show features contestants trying out their skills (such as acting, singing, sports, etc.) in real markets/audiences in big cities like LA - a bit like a world-traveling "America's Got Talent" with that same mass appeal and a 1 million person viewership per day - plus millions of viewers on YouTube.

We would love to feature the skate dancers and maybe do something fun with our 4 cast members; for example they could get a skate dancing demonstration and a short lesson from the skate dancers. We are planning on renting them skates. 

We'd like to do this on Thursday, Feb. 16, maybe in the afternoon - TBD. All of our cameras are handheld, we have no lights, tripods or anything stationary, we move around quick so we won't be in the way.

Small group: 
Number of cast: 4
Number of crew: 4-5

Here is a trailer for the show, which is going strong in it's 9th season. All the previous seasons are on YouTube and have a huge viewership, and that's footage you can use for your group/website once it comes out. 

But this one was meant to be shared with you all, my friends that are skaters.

I laughed as I flirted with staying in Los Angeles for the “The Angels” possibility.   Once again, I remained with this decision to focus on World Team, and World Team Now's SOS-IS—the possibility of actually telling a vision for our common home with the trust of Angels’ presence, there with Divine Wisdom has us growing rapidly.

The challenge is the discernment through image and to reality.  I decided to pass on the reality show. “Reality,” is it really real? And is this the reality to invest resources?

With “The Chants of Angels,” my eyes were now transfixed on the CD cover lying on the car's passenger seat, as I stared at what haphazardly ended up in a pile; a DVD copy of Sebastian Siegel’s film  “Awakening World,” (just screened at Leigh and Carla’s Olandar), next to an Angel blank card intended for my Goddaughter who could use angelic support, after we dissected Walt Whitman’s “Who Goes There?” to strive to find her own words. -A distant sound echoed hearing the Gregorian chants of Angels, reminiscent of the sounds of my recent Hermitage at Saint Benedict's Monastery over the Holidays. I felt the Angels in my heart, as it inspired contemplative writing, coming into the New Year and now it was nothing short of seeming Divine.  So I had to take a picture of what I was seeing.

In route to Los Angeles airport, driving on the 405 on the phone with someone from the production team of “The Angels”  I thought;  How hard it is at moments along the journey to stay true to our work, and the vision we each have.

Clearing security prior to the flight I see an e-mail from Angel Store’s co-owner and Author Keith Richardson, who adds another aspect of the Angelic with his writing and journey. In the e-mail Angel art is offered for our World Team Now, from the artist Bill Jeralds, thinking of his incredible story, I began wondering about Angels and alchemic properties in the realm of what is incomprehensible.  I thought to myself, this is like living into Harry Potter, and I looked up to see this sign;

As World Team takes flight into production and dreams are being realized, the difference between opportunities and challenges are hard to see.  Logic would say Malibu is green and warm outdoors (like June in NY), and it’s closer to the Pacific Islands where we have movement.  Stay in CA for this time and write?  

The World Team project is now dealing with financing and structuring too. My friend Albert continues to be a backbone of support and consistency, I want to support him where I can in NY now.  Others are joining, as World Team grows it inspires me. I choose cold bleak February in New York, as movement, growth, and change are happening there at a rapid rate for us.  

Feeling blessed to be at home on both coasts with friends and communities, and yes sometimes in the middle (Colorado) and the edges too (Hawaii and Florida). Excited we are have expanded our territory with World Team Now, to the Pacific Island region, and all appears to be taking flight.

Now in flight, a minor miracle these days, realizing not only was there no security line, but  "PreCheck" finally allowed for being whisked through it all with grace and ease. This restored how it used to be when I grew up flying (with a TWA flight attendant as my Step-Mom). Blessed the plane was mostly empty.
Seated above the wings, we hit turbulence.  I put on the Sirus Radio Studio 54 channel. A favorite song of mine as a young adult working at Studio 54 was up, It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girl, I reached for the earphones coming alive remembering unlimited freedom and inspiration roller skating or dancing.   The lyrics from youth tattooed on my heart:

"God bless mother nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel she rearranged the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy"

After the weather and flight conditions, the screen display read “It’s Raining Men” The Weather Girl-- but it was frozen there without any sound. I laugh out loud with this God wink. The station remained stuck on this song for the entire flight to NY with no sound (yes we tried multiple sets of earphones) and not just on the screen above my seat, all of the other vacant seats next to me too, like an episode of the Twilight Zone…Funny, Magical-- Life! I sang the song, to the music within and through me.

After the turbulence calmed I decided to get more grounded in the air with taking on Yoga in the isle on the nearly empty flight—doing “Tree” pose in the air and holding balance there opened another dimension of balance, and rooting--I thought of the beloved orchids and how they take root. Here is our Orchid Album.

May the Angels continue to guide and protect us all.  Yes, this week made it through a home fire. “Fire,” yes, literally with flames smoke and all-- a close call all were safe and as rescued by an Angel in human form. Fortunately what matters is how quickly it can be cleaned up, and we moved from trauma to success and peaceful balance.  Blessed all is well that ends well. Grateful to be gifted the angelic presence of entities living and beyond.

In times where truth is stranger than fiction, I pray we all continue to be more than touched by Angels-- that we discover the Angelic within and among us all through a Divine purpose that is unique to just you.

Publishing this today, the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster:  May your crowing start off, not just this day, but this year-- with your song.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams-“What Dreams May Come;” When Art Becomes or Transcends Life

The review I wrote that was published in the Malibu Chronicle in 1998 on “What Dreams May Come,” the movie starring Robin Williams,  that gets its title from a line in Hamlet's "To be, or not to be" soliloquy deserves deeper contemplation in context with Robin Williams crossing, and the incredible life he shared with us all.

When I reflect on the body of work that Robin Williams has contributed to our world, his compassion, humor, and zany child-like innocence that beckoned to choose roles in films that dealt with the core issues of being human, focused on life and death, either profoundly deep, or with the simplicity we all find relative. Robin certainly lived more than most in one life time.  Of course we are all thankful for the laughter, his incredible imagination, and his Zeitgeist for being Zany and outside-the-box. 

Personal memories of roller skating as a youth at special events and parties at Roxy Roller Rink with both Christopher Reeve and Robin—fueled my young imagination, causing a school girl to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality, as we rolled around the circle to music, with laughter ingraining that life is indeed a big circle, where anything was possible…Both of these iconic acquaintances’ crossing hit a primal nerve that is quite profound in evaluating the body of their work with the roles they chose to play reflecting within the context of their lives and deaths.

Wishing the loved ones Robin left behind that they don’t have to go through the journey Robin Williams did in the role of Dr. Chris Nielsen in "What Dream May Come," to cross beyond life into the realms beyond Earth, Heaven and Hell--to realise the ultimate mystery of unconditional love.  Yet the power of unconditional love is the message, and surely love can transcend, even a life lived as a work of art. 

Robin’s works and the plethora of humanity he embraced with his person evokes the wonder about the phenomena of when art transcends or becomes life, and life transcends or becomes art? Is there validity to the concepts, theory and premise lived out in What Dream May Come?  If so, Robin’s crossing is merely the second act of the three Act play that becomes or transcends the cycle of life, and yet remains eternal.  Again, to those who live on with his personal love inside, the deepest sympathy for the journey love causes us to undertake to transcend the pain of loss and change of form.

Here is what I wrote for The Malibu Chronicle published in 1998 

(Review Essay)
Movies to the Maxx
What Dreams May Come.... Beyond the time, space, continuum...

Every once in a while comes a film that breaks the standard genres and enters a new dimension of entertainment. For those willing to enter into another paradigm of possibilities and explore existential questions, you will be crying with joy at the opportunity to dance in the abyss of experiencing a most special journey, into the real world- where the continuum of time and space occurs like a dream, in What Dreams May Come, directed by Vincent Ward.  

Just the way life reflects art and art reflects life, this movie will challenge your core beliefs about life, death and love and God.  What Dreams May Come is a romantic drama that experiments with the idea that soul mates, and soul connections really exist beyond what is seen.   It beautifully demonstrates the possibility of cause and effect and how everything in your life “Is,” because you cause it to Be- in alignment with something higher...God? 

After Chris Neilson (Robin Williams) dies, his heaven is actually, a beautifully painted world.  As explained to Chris Neilson in the film; “We all paint our surroundings here, but you’re the only one who’s chosen real paint.”   The relationships of the soul extends past the present time as demonstrated by the commitments kept in life with family and friends that extend into eternity.  Chris Nielson’s love for his wife and family, transcends time and he is willing to go beyond the duality of Heaven and Hell to fulfill his soul’s connection with his mate.

Coloring What Dreams May Come is a very talented cast.  Robin Williams demonstrates his flexibility and multidimensional skills that balance his powerful serious side, with his natural gift for humor and play.  Annabelle Sciorra authentically deals with the aging and shifts of time the film explores.  Max Von Sidow brings a depth of consciousness into his character, who once again is reminiscent of life and death with other- world- like accuracy.  Cuba Gooding, Jr. takes on the physicality of being a child in a man’s body with ease.    

What Dreams May Come demonstrates the power of thought as it creates our perception of reality and time. “Thought is real, and physical is the illusion,” as expressed in the film.   Awake our perspective of the dream state diminishes, compared to dreaming, where the dream feels like reality.  We see our physical worlds as we choose to see them.  If reality lies in perception and one doesn’t believe in the possibility of dreams coming true, than in reality-- their dreams die. 

If reality is malleable than how is it that we, as human beings, come to choose dark instead of light?  Each person’s Heaven and Hell is their own creation.  “Everybody’s Hell is different, the real hell is your life gone wrong,” as explained in the film. The concept of Heaven and Hell and the personification of the internal world, thus becoming the external reality, is executed quite adeptly.  What Dreams May Come takes us into a world to explore these questions on a journey where the fear that lives in the mind, can do visual battle with the soul’s higher purpose. 

What Dreams May Come causes reflection as to what is real and what is a dream?  These questions are presented with authority coming from the novelist Richard Matheson who brought you Somewhere In Time and Incredible Shrinking Man.  Can we expect anything lighter from Academy Award winning, screen writer Ron Bass (Rainman) who adapted the novel?  What Dreams... explores what is beyond the physical body, the mind, and how the Soul is challenged to blend this trinity of energies into one.

“For those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous for they may act their dreams with open eyes and make it possible”...
  -T.E. Lawrence--

Like the dreamers of the day, What Dreams May Come is a transformational film in that,  it deals with the premise that just like the dream of the night is to the day, our lives as we understand them to be, are small in the scale of eternal life... Should we chose to become aware and dream in the eternal realm, then there are no limits.

Through the reflection of the journey Robin William’s character makes the question as to whether everything in life is connected; through a purpose, a grand design, beyond time and space and the material world as we know it to be or exist, is raised.  Do we choose our parents and thus the psychological dynamics we grow up in, to provide the structure and familiar patterns to help bring us to our soul mate, where we can work out the karma of the past with love, play in the future and create a new possibility beyond our mind’s ideas? 

We all have experienced the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and having an automatic response to that person that transcends the reality of the present introduction.   We recognize this person from what feels like the past, there is something familiar about them.  The challenge is to find out where this person fits in your present life.  These soul connections are the makings of notions such as, “love at first sight”.   Is there just one soul mate for each being?  What feels like your soul “mate” may be a soul connection. 

What Dreams May Come plays with these relations in a profound way, and answers these questions with a possibility of life that is quite refreshingly new, yet perhaps is quite appropriate for this “New Age” as we come into the millennium. The movie brings the audience on a journey of faith without confronting the fundamental principles that usually divide religions.  Early in the film Chris Neilson asks, “Where is God in all of this?”  The answer is brushed off with, “He’s up there, somewhere...”   Yet God’s works are presented, especially at the end, where there is Divine Intervention regarding the rules and paradigms of Heaven and Hell. Time does not exist, as this movie expresses. What Dreams May Come artistically blends the laws of karma from non -western philosophy, with Christian believes of heaven and hell, painting different possibilities taken from world religions, and the theories recently demonstrated in quantum physics, from people such as Stephen Hawking.

What Dreams May Come artistically creates a collage of the complexity of life that is dramatically compelling and engages the senses to embark on journey where each breath captures the beauty of life in language and through vision.   That old cliché about life being a “blank canvas,” is demonstrated and layered throughout What Dreams May Come, both literally and figuratively.  The movie dances between the actual and the metaphorical gracefully probing the mind to question what “Is?” 

The lines in Ron Bass’s script may leave you in introspection, or the powerful language could cause you to go in the opposite direction.  In this regard What Dreams May Come’s premise is quite interactive with the ultimate mysteries of life.   Lines like, “Never give up, never give up...”.and “At least you are willing to see yourself.”  And contemplating, “What do you mean by you?”  And also, “You see your body because you like seeing one, you chose to see what you chose to see.” Cutting to the core is; “Sometimes when you win you lose, sometimes when you lose you win.” This dialogue moves us beyond duality, and identity, showing how it’s all relative to perspective... 

This movie exposes the cyclical pattern of life in an extraordinary way in multiple dimensions, and with unprecedented effects.  If you are not ready to confront this primal inquiry of beliefs that are usually reserved for the dream state, than at the least this film, frame by frame, will reveal a work of visually entertaining art.  What Dreams May Come is where past,  present and future occur in no time, or the same time, just as life does with death, it’s all cyclical, it’s all related, it means everything and Nothing at the same time, beyond time. 

-Suzanne Maxx is a Writer/ Producer/ Actress/ Athlete/ Instructor/ Public Speaker who is presently working to develop the World Team project.  Her other business,  Sports to the Maxx trains people to go beyond what they believe to be possible, balancing the physical techniques with a psychological inquiry and fundamental spirituality while training in; In Line and Roller Skating, Down Hill Skiing and Horseback Riding.  Suzanne has spoken internationally on topics such as “Zen and the Art of Extreme Sports” and “Media and Planetary Transformation”.  Suzanne is based in Malibu, California.    

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Larry Hagman's Message

Larry left a message on my cell phone the day before we were to meet for another event where he played the real life role of “Honorary President” of our non-profit charity, World Team Now.

Some knew him as “Master” in I Dream of Jeanie, others as “JR” in Dallas but we knew Larry Hagman, as the Honorary President/Chairman of our organization and a strong advocate.. Larry was an innovator and inspiration for many, with his use of renewable energy! We loved his appreciation for nature and humanity— and his spirit! The spirit that lived through Larry’s voice even on a message remains memorable.

Larry had a big heart, not just for our charity, but for the world at large. He was dedicated to our mutual vision and goals to demonstrate the use of renewable energy— and to ‘play to transform our world’.  We shared a mutual inquiry of how to live in better balance with ourselves, one another and our global resources. World Team Now redefined the value of resources through the acronym of T.ime, E.nery, A.ction, and M.oney with the key being in the balance, and using our own lives as experiments. Larry very much lived into that.

When I first met Larry as journalist covering the Solar Expo where he was a keynote speaker, I was surprised to learn he had the largest collection of personal solar power in use in our country and arguably, our world.  His Ojai Ranch produced a surplus of energy, energy independence would be, "Heaven".  When he showered the audience at the expo with his paper money— bills larger than the government printed, he demonstrated the spirit of “possibility,” that many of his characters mastered: to go beyond what was fathomable, reasonable or even possible. This act demonstrated his ideal that ALL people were to be included in abundance. It is in this spirit that he would become my friend and supporter of the dream with our World Team Now. I also learned Larry had been friends with my cousin Suzanne Pleshette.  He understood the big picture view of world systems and what motivated our world to action, and saw a need for change, and began that change. He also really understood what it was to be human, to embrace change and attempt to make use of the duality of the human condition— to learn from what didn't work, to create what does work. 

Larry stayed with us over the years through many changes, one of them was the name change— originally we were Team World Corps— to World Team Now. Larry was at our first event in 2007 at The Sunset Restaurant with SolarWorld.   I will always remember that after the fashion show, when the sun was about to set, Larry had us all hold hand as he led the countdown, “Ten, nine, eight….” He was waiting for the mysterious green flash— when it came time,  he hoisted our hands up in the air exclaiming, “Bong-Dong!” This was at the SolarWorld event, and it made my heart shine to know Larry later would end up being a spokesman for solar energy through SolarWorld.  He leaves the legacy of reminding us all to "Shine Baby, Shine"... and we are happy to see that energy shine out to our world. 

Over the years, from 2007 to 2012, Larry supported projects and events. This past year, the event was to do an upgrade and installation of new electric vehicle chargers at the City of Malibu, which World Team Now cajoled the city to take action for this project.  This time, we brought a team of celebrities, some media and new electric vehicles from Hertz, like Nissan’s Leaf, and the Tesla Roadster, and we all participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony, and driving of vehicles.  Larry loved that he could sit in the driver’s seat of the Leaf with plenty of room to wear his iconic hat. Larry was eager to get his all electric vehicle, and ready to charge it to solar or wind energy.  He was an innovator. We still have to edit the footage from this event.  It is most challenging when people die and there are projects incomplete, thus is the case with Larry’s passing.

I decided to re-save and not delete Larry’s old message many times, as I would again the day before he died. After learning that Larry crossed, I listened to his message and on it was a voice I could hear eternally. I returned the call, hearing his voice message brought tears, “ You've reached Heaven South,” had new meaning.  Larry kept me laughing, after life…

Spell “evil” backwards, and what do you get? Live. He has gifted many people the ability to live a better life. “Evil Does Good” is a great name for his new foundation; please honor Larry with a gift. He lived ‘Life to the Maxx,’ and he will live on through us all! In gratitude we offer this Universal Prayer!

World Team Now/ Team World Corps' 1st event, from left; Max Gail, Brother Bill Short, Larry Hagman, Suzanne Maxx,, Leigh Mc Closekey, and  Carter Larson

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Manifesting Extraordinary Venues--A tribute to Steven Greenberg

The first time we met was right before Roxy opened in 1979, and the last time I saw you was in 2007 at Roxy’s closing night. In my eyes there is a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for you that grew through my formative years, as I watched you put together the ingredients to make Roxy and other venues legendary, thank you.

You helped shaped my vision, and to realize it was about the right ingredients to make a venue or event a success. You demonstrated most all is possible—as I saw your creative genius with business dreams manifest as quickly as you could come up with them.

You were ahead of your time with birthing exciting venues, parties and events. When I hear the song, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” I remember how you would go up to the DJ booth and insist on bringing back some swing into our disco era…Your youthful candor was interestingly juxtaposed with your Ben Franklin looks, and ambition. Your sense of timing was key, you got in at the right time and got out before it was too late.

With the right balance of practicality, and extravagance, and forthrightness you were very innovative and defined commitment and persistence on a daily basis, being at Roxy many nights as long as the lights were on. Your sharp business traits and dedication were admirable. It was brave of you to leave your banking and investments to go partner on our unprecedented Roller Skate Venue; Roxy with Richard Newhouse, Bill Grahm, and Steve Bauman the original team of owners. Through our legendary Roxy Roller Rink you set the precedent for the trend of roller disco movement, thank you!

Your support and donation to the beginnings of World Team, is appreciated. Many of us in the NYC skate community have Roxy live on in our hearts, thanks you for shaping Roxy in those early years. Not many other clubs in New York live that long, and that contribution has given to many of us. The World Team Universal Prayer is offered now to you and for us all in the title link. RIP Steven.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Electric Vehicle Premiere

On the World Team journey I went to Monaco in 2005 with the intent to do an Electric Vehicle Parade as part of the Monaco Grand Prix. My electric vehicle quest began more than two decades ago, it is exciting to see the Electric Vehicle (EV) wave is about to break around the world. Look for World Team's EV event soon.

Although I am in Aspen now, I want to extend the invitation I received from Plug in America's Linda Nicholes, I was asked to share with you all;

The film documentary, What is the Electric Car?, will celebrate its Hollywood premiere on December 14th.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Time: Green Carpet arrivals - 6:30 pm
Screening - 8:00 pm sharp
Where: Egyptian Theater
6712 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

As a PIA supporter if you drive an electric car to the screening, your admission is free plus 50% off your guests' admissions. Click here to access a discounted ticket.

A FREE electric car will be given away at 9:30pm. RSVP by calling 310-855-3362 or

There will be a special EV parking lot right next to the theatre -- corner of Hollywood Blvd and Las Palmas Street -- where all EVs can meet up at 6:30 pm. If you can't make it to the Egyptian Theater by 6:30, you may simply drop your guest(s) off near the "Green" carpet where your EV will be counted for your free admission. Remember, the movie will start at 8:00 pm sharp.

We're just about to witness the "second coming" of electric cars as we glide into 2011. Come celebrate with us! We hope you can be part of this "electrifying" evening.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Health Beyond Dealth?"

On the anniversary of my Step Dad Tom Maynard's death yesterday, I took on our World Team Now's website obit, I reflect on all that Tom stood for-- his love of history and politics, and the special medical program he was qualified to participate in, and all he realized through his battle with pancreatic cancer about the medical system...or ideally "health care" -- Tom's lifestyle was the epitome of physical health...On the anniversary of his death we lost another advocate for heath.

Ted Kennedy touched many people, as he stood for all..I will remember him most for his Universal Health Care vision, & support of Obama at a critical juncture although also his impact on civil rights, and education are also admirable. He was a true political leader. It's a fragile time in Senate now with the causes he championed, Health Care and Energy--

I see the divinity in the timing of his passing. As many times through history, when one has done much with their life, the finally triumph is in their death, and how their spirit can grow through it's timing and circumstances beyond the force of what one could achieve having been alive.

It is a fragile moment in politics especially in Mass., and that is pivotal place now, having the energy bill first been written by the team from MA & CA; Markey & Waxman...

For me, it is the admiration to preserve, be unstoppable, and remain friends with "enemies," or those who had different views. That is what impressed me most about him; his fortitude and acceptance of all, while being able to embrace the joy of life and still sailing into the wind of unchartered territory.

This has really deeply effected me today, not sure why to this extent... but there is something significant there, that resounds within a collective chord of grief...

The powerhouse speech came from Bidden and yet Obama's speech countered in a powerful way by leaving the politics of the loss to be covered by media, and it is wonderful to see how even in his death Kennedy called people to do their best, the New York Times' piece was refreshingly deep and comprehensive . We got to love Kennedy's perserverence through life, and recall his speech,and others words he gave to the public.

I know I'm not alone when I question the timing of compounded , repetitive loss back to back is not new to me, nor the Kennedy's, but that doesn't take away the pain.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tom beyond Time

In Memorium of Tom G. Maynard

by Suzanne Maxx

Remembering Tom today, as he lifted his arms like wings and looked up….

Remembering family and love that embraced him, and the love he shined in his blue eyes

Hearing a long riff from the saxophone, remembering what he taught about breath…

Remembering the love I felt holding his hand as he exhaled for the last time.

Reaching out to those who shared a moment of life with Tom--- those who remember

May he continue to live on in us, eternally…

May we bath in the love he knew from nature.

Thank you, Tom.

We remember your love.

It has been hard to accept the passing of Tom, yet I'm so thankful for his presence in my life over the years and for all he gave to our non-profit, World Team Now, and to our Board of Directors and to me as a Father. It is rare to have someone who is a rock of stability is one's personal and professional life and play a significant role in both. Tom is missed by many, but how thankful we are to have gained so much from his presence over the years. We hope his gifts can live on through our work.