Friday, December 19, 2008



Lights, Camera, and Action we are ready for World Team Now! We are about change, and with that we are bringing in the New Year with a new name: Our non-profit 501c3 organization, "Team World Corps'" name is changing to "World Team Now".

"World Team Now" will help us build the "World Team" Project's brand, as we have the copyright with USPTO of the name "World Team" for our multi-media project. We have been using the name "World Team" in commerce since 1989.

"World Team Now" is registered in New York as a public charity with the Secretary of State. We covered our basis and are listed both as "Team World Corps" & "World Team Now" in New York State. We are in process with our home state California, to be listed as "World Team Now, instead of "Team World Corps". Team World Corps officially started up in 2005.

The Holiday classic "Jingle Bells", words work with "World Team Now"..

We stand for trees, ideally not removed from forests or their natural habitats, but flourishing continuing to be more than the lungs of our planet. However this tree with the contrasting concrete as a back drop reminds us all of what about the majestic power and beauty of nature and true perspective about where we are and what we do with it...

The iconic tree is more beautifully decorated with blue/purple lights this year! We are reminded that Light prevails, and in all colors. We celebrate The Light, that transcends our divisions and is inclusive for All. We celebrate all that Light brings to all living in this world.

The concentrated Light shines, can't help to wonder how much electricity this tree's lights use? Wonder if those are LEED lights, and thankful they are turning them off and not keeping them on all night.
If you decorate a tree, may it be live. Since this one is for all and is here in the middle of New York City, when forests are a scarce, we might as well enjoy it and appreciate this tree's journey for us...

A prayer for consciousness, the Holidays and the Light that illuminates man's and nature's world.
Happy Holidays!

May the Light be in you, and may you shine it out to the world.

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nanoohtsu said...

Hi Suzanne, It is after a long absence. It passed from that for 20 years. I was able to come to your homepage today. I am glad to see you coming out to two pieces of photographs of you again with nostalgia. Please realize the dream that I watched 20 years ago from now on. From the aging doctor who was a director Kawanami Hospital of Fukuoka in those days.
Kosaburo Kawahira