Monday, July 20, 2009

Brothers-Beyond the Ashes

As a 6th grader I met Frank a few times at the apartment but the memorable night where they got all of us, family and friends together, to try out their new play, is still an indelible moment. What a man, Frank was an inspiration. I knew Frank Mc Court, through my muse and my childhood friend Conor's father- Malachy Mc Court, Frank’s brother.

Malachy and Frank grew new definition to the word “Brothers,” as to see them play together, in their "play" working off one another ---lends new meaning to the cliché, “poetry in motion”. Eyes would remain moist, from both the roaring laugher and the tears of their shared journey growing up poor and Catholic in Ireland and their adventures in New York.

With the fame and success of “Angela’s Ashes” from Frank and Malachy’s “A Monk Swimming” we would all meet up again for "The Couple of Blaggards,” far away from our New York City lives in Hawaii. While covering the Maui Writer's Conference, more than 25 years later Frank and Malachy were the surprise Guest Speakers of the Maui Writer's conference. Again they captivated the audience with their timeless presence, of real life journies that continued to inspire.

What gifts about life through the smiling eyes of Frank Mc Court that pieced our hearts and lifted many through words of raw truth, songs of possibility, freedom, and of a life well done.

Thank you, Frank.