Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Health Beyond Dealth?"

On the anniversary of my Step Dad Tom Maynard's death yesterday, I took on our World Team Now's website obit, I reflect on all that Tom stood for-- his love of history and politics, and the special medical program he was qualified to participate in, and all he realized through his battle with pancreatic cancer about the medical system...or ideally "health care" -- Tom's lifestyle was the epitome of physical health...On the anniversary of his death we lost another advocate for heath.

Ted Kennedy touched many people, as he stood for all..I will remember him most for his Universal Health Care vision, & support of Obama at a critical juncture although also his impact on civil rights, and education are also admirable. He was a true political leader. It's a fragile time in Senate now with the causes he championed, Health Care and Energy--

I see the divinity in the timing of his passing. As many times through history, when one has done much with their life, the finally triumph is in their death, and how their spirit can grow through it's timing and circumstances beyond the force of what one could achieve having been alive.

It is a fragile moment in politics especially in Mass., and that is pivotal place now, having the energy bill first been written by the team from MA & CA; Markey & Waxman...

For me, it is the admiration to preserve, be unstoppable, and remain friends with "enemies," or those who had different views. That is what impressed me most about him; his fortitude and acceptance of all, while being able to embrace the joy of life and still sailing into the wind of unchartered territory.

This has really deeply effected me today, not sure why to this extent... but there is something significant there, that resounds within a collective chord of grief...

The powerhouse speech came from Bidden and yet Obama's speech countered in a powerful way by leaving the politics of the loss to be covered by media, and it is wonderful to see how even in his death Kennedy called people to do their best, the New York Times' piece was refreshingly deep and comprehensive . We got to love Kennedy's perserverence through life, and recall his speech,and others words he gave to the public.

I know I'm not alone when I question the timing of compounded , repetitive loss back to back is not new to me, nor the Kennedy's, but that doesn't take away the pain.

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