Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tom beyond Time

In Memorium of Tom G. Maynard

by Suzanne Maxx

Remembering Tom today, as he lifted his arms like wings and looked up….

Remembering family and love that embraced him, and the love he shined in his blue eyes

Hearing a long riff from the saxophone, remembering what he taught about breath…

Remembering the love I felt holding his hand as he exhaled for the last time.

Reaching out to those who shared a moment of life with Tom--- those who remember

May he continue to live on in us, eternally…

May we bath in the love he knew from nature.

Thank you, Tom.

We remember your love.

It has been hard to accept the passing of Tom, yet I'm so thankful for his presence in my life over the years and for all he gave to our non-profit, World Team Now, and to our Board of Directors and to me as a Father. It is rare to have someone who is a rock of stability is one's personal and professional life and play a significant role in both. Tom is missed by many, but how thankful we are to have gained so much from his presence over the years. We hope his gifts can live on through our work.

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