Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Angelic Realms

“Angels” remain prevalent, coming into this new year.  In Fiji last year I received a hand made Angel made out of the coconut palm tree from a member of the family that has been "Angelic" with our World Team project. I’m in the air again as I write this in flight from Los Angeles, writing I look out above the wing. I contemplate blessings; from the experience at the "Angel Store Things From Heaven" in Ventura (where miracles are common), I acquired a wooden Angel hand made by artist Bill Jeralds, to the formation of the cerebrum in the ominous clouds. 

Angelic presence is up-literally. Blessed are the days I awake with the ocean and get to fly in the sky.  I laughed when I saw this daily reading. There are some people in my life, whose miraculous presence, offerings and actions have been nothing short of angelically heroic.  People are showing up more in more in my reality as Angels, and with Divine acts that are amazing.

I’ve tried to leave Los Angeles for New York for several weeks, we had to change my flight more than a handful of times.   I’m about to leave for the airport when I get this e-mail from a reality television series looking for roller-skaters for reality TV Series “The Angels”;

in Venice to film a hugely popular French reality show "The Angels" on Thursday, Feb. 16. The show features contestants trying out their skills (such as acting, singing, sports, etc.) in real markets/audiences in big cities like LA - a bit like a world-traveling "America's Got Talent" with that same mass appeal and a 1 million person viewership per day - plus millions of viewers on YouTube.

We would love to feature the skate dancers and maybe do something fun with our 4 cast members; for example they could get a skate dancing demonstration and a short lesson from the skate dancers. We are planning on renting them skates. 

We'd like to do this on Thursday, Feb. 16, maybe in the afternoon - TBD. All of our cameras are handheld, we have no lights, tripods or anything stationary, we move around quick so we won't be in the way.

Small group: 
Number of cast: 4
Number of crew: 4-5

Here is a trailer for the show, which is going strong in it's 9th season. All the previous seasons are on YouTube and have a huge viewership, and that's footage you can use for your group/website once it comes out. 

But this one was meant to be shared with you all, my friends that are skaters.

I laughed as I flirted with staying in Los Angeles for the “The Angels” possibility.   Once again, I remained with this decision to focus on World Team, and World Team Now's SOS-IS—the possibility of actually telling a vision for our common home with the trust of Angels’ presence, there with Divine Wisdom has us growing rapidly.

The challenge is the discernment through image and to reality.  I decided to pass on the reality show. “Reality,” is it really real? And is this the reality to invest resources?

With “The Chants of Angels,” my eyes were now transfixed on the CD cover lying on the car's passenger seat, as I stared at what haphazardly ended up in a pile; a DVD copy of Sebastian Siegel’s film  “Awakening World,” (just screened at Leigh and Carla’s Olandar), next to an Angel blank card intended for my Goddaughter who could use angelic support, after we dissected Walt Whitman’s “Who Goes There?” to strive to find her own words. -A distant sound echoed hearing the Gregorian chants of Angels, reminiscent of the sounds of my recent Hermitage at Saint Benedict's Monastery over the Holidays. I felt the Angels in my heart, as it inspired contemplative writing, coming into the New Year and now it was nothing short of seeming Divine.  So I had to take a picture of what I was seeing.

In route to Los Angeles airport, driving on the 405 on the phone with someone from the production team of “The Angels”  I thought;  How hard it is at moments along the journey to stay true to our work, and the vision we each have.

Clearing security prior to the flight I see an e-mail from Angel Store’s co-owner and Author Keith Richardson, who adds another aspect of the Angelic with his writing and journey. In the e-mail Angel art is offered for our World Team Now, from the artist Bill Jeralds, thinking of his incredible story, I began wondering about Angels and alchemic properties in the realm of what is incomprehensible.  I thought to myself, this is like living into Harry Potter, and I looked up to see this sign;

As World Team takes flight into production and dreams are being realized, the difference between opportunities and challenges are hard to see.  Logic would say Malibu is green and warm outdoors (like June in NY), and it’s closer to the Pacific Islands where we have movement.  Stay in CA for this time and write?  

The World Team project is now dealing with financing and structuring too. My friend Albert continues to be a backbone of support and consistency, I want to support him where I can in NY now.  Others are joining, as World Team grows it inspires me. I choose cold bleak February in New York, as movement, growth, and change are happening there at a rapid rate for us.  

Feeling blessed to be at home on both coasts with friends and communities, and yes sometimes in the middle (Colorado) and the edges too (Hawaii and Florida). Excited we are have expanded our territory with World Team Now, to the Pacific Island region, and all appears to be taking flight.

Now in flight, a minor miracle these days, realizing not only was there no security line, but  "PreCheck" finally allowed for being whisked through it all with grace and ease. This restored how it used to be when I grew up flying (with a TWA flight attendant as my Step-Mom). Blessed the plane was mostly empty.
Seated above the wings, we hit turbulence.  I put on the Sirus Radio Studio 54 channel. A favorite song of mine as a young adult working at Studio 54 was up, It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girl, I reached for the earphones coming alive remembering unlimited freedom and inspiration roller skating or dancing.   The lyrics from youth tattooed on my heart:

"God bless mother nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel she rearranged the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy"

After the weather and flight conditions, the screen display read “It’s Raining Men” The Weather Girl-- but it was frozen there without any sound. I laugh out loud with this God wink. The station remained stuck on this song for the entire flight to NY with no sound (yes we tried multiple sets of earphones) and not just on the screen above my seat, all of the other vacant seats next to me too, like an episode of the Twilight Zone…Funny, Magical-- Life! I sang the song, to the music within and through me.

After the turbulence calmed I decided to get more grounded in the air with taking on Yoga in the isle on the nearly empty flight—doing “Tree” pose in the air and holding balance there opened another dimension of balance, and rooting--I thought of the beloved orchids and how they take root. Here is our Orchid Album.

May the Angels continue to guide and protect us all.  Yes, this week made it through a home fire. “Fire,” yes, literally with flames smoke and all-- a close call all were safe and as rescued by an Angel in human form. Fortunately what matters is how quickly it can be cleaned up, and we moved from trauma to success and peaceful balance.  Blessed all is well that ends well. Grateful to be gifted the angelic presence of entities living and beyond.

In times where truth is stranger than fiction, I pray we all continue to be more than touched by Angels-- that we discover the Angelic within and among us all through a Divine purpose that is unique to just you.

Publishing this today, the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster:  May your crowing start off, not just this day, but this year-- with your song.